And the road goes on….


Watching Mrs. Tran walk out with the ghost of her son following, Dean had felt a weight lift from his shoulders when he had heard Sam promise Kevin that he would “get over it”. With a smile he turned to Sam, only to watch as once again his brother left him without a word. Shoulders slumped smile gone as if it had never appeared on his face and there is was the weight of Sam’s anger once again fell about him as a cold, dark cloud blocking out the light and warmth.

“Of course” Dean muttered as he headed to his bedroom. He had changed to a room further away to give Sam his space. Opening the door he turned and fell back onto the bed reaching for the earphones and placing them on his ears. Closing his eyes, head nodding slightly to the beat, he wanted to forget the emptiness he felt and become that boy who listened to classic rock  and dreamed of the day he would join his dad in saving people, hunting things, the family business. Not much of a family but there was plenty of business.

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Next morning or at least the next day Dean headed to the kitchen for his morning coffee. Seeing Sam there he continued in toward the coffee pot, pouring out the cold coffee and making a fresh pot. Sam had not spoken and Dean just didn’t have the energy to deal with Sam and his disapproval of all things Dean. Finishing putting coffee and the water in the coffee pot he turned it on and looked for his cup, not seeing it he reached for another one and waited with back toward the room. Once the coffee was made and poured into his cup he turned around. Sam was still in the room reading a journal or book or maybe a novel, Dean didn’t know and didn’t care. He walked past Sam out into the vastness of the Men of Letter’s bunker and knew he needed to get out, just a ride to some place where people would smile and say hello. Where he could just be some guy stopping for a meal, a tank of gas. Where no one knew him.

He grabbed his keys and headed out leaving a note for Sam.  Walking out of the bunker he lifted his face toward the sun and felt the weight start to lift. The place he had hoped would be home had become a cage he had to escape. He reached into his jacket pocket pulling out his sunglasses and walked toward the only real home he had, his baby, the Impala. Turning the key and hearing her rumble brought a slight smile to his face. Sunglasses on as he pulled out onto the road and just headed away…..

Sam finished reading the research, getting up he refilled his coffee and headed out to see if Dean had found any hunts. Absently Sam noticed as he walked out into the main area was how quiet it was. Dean sitting still filled up a room more than any other person Sam had ever seen. At the bunker Dean usually had his favorite classic rock, going pencil tapping as he read the papers, laptop, and books looking for a hunt or reading on the latest monster sighting and more importantly how to kill said monster. He walked into the main area and noticed a piece of paper on the table in Dean’s neat writing staying one word. Out. Sam shrugged and walked away, note falling to the floor as Sam thought of something he wanted to check on. As usual Sam got caught up in his research following lead after lead about how to open heaven’s gates and close hell’s. He was startled when he knocked a book to the floor, looking at his watch he realized it was late, almost midnight. He decided to head to bed and get a start on it again tomorrow. He walked to the kitchen, made a sandwich that he ate as he walked to his room. Finishing his sandwich he walked into his room fell on the bed and was soon fast asleep.

Next morning Sam woke up, showered, dressed and headed to the kitchen thinking about new ideas to research. Figures that Dean wasn’t up yet as he poured the cold coffee out and made a new pot. His bother made sleeping an Olympic competition, the one who slept the longest won. Shaking his head, he waited for the coffee while going over the new ideas he could try to find an answer to the angels and gates. Grabbing the coffee he headed off to the library and started reading lost in his research for hours.

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The next morning was a repeat of the morning before. No loud rock, cold coffee, and no Dean. Deciding he should check on his brother he headed to Dean’s bedroom, heading to the bedroom nest to his he remembered that his brother had moved to the bedroom farthest away from Sam. He headed in that direction and still the bunker was quiet. Puzzled he called Dean’s name as knocked on Dean’s door. No answer, curious as to what would keep Dean that occupied he opened the door and found it empty. This was the first time Sam had been to this bedroom. This room held nothing more than clothes, a  lamp on each of the nightstands, a hatchet on the headboard, the cross lying down and a pair of earphones. The bed was made with nothing on the floor, no towels on the floor in the bathroom. Sam checked and the duffle bag for Dean’s clothes still resided on the floor of the closet, clothes still folded inside, toothbrush and tooth paste, shampoo, razor and all the other niceties still in their place on the counter top in the bathroom. The shower was dry.  Dirty dog, Sam thought, he went out and found a willing lady. Leaving the room and closing the door he thought nothing more about Dean. His mind caught up in the strange old book he had found yesterday. He spent the day trying to read the ancient text using translator programs on the computer and the languages he was familiar to try and make sense the oldest book he had found. He stopped and reread the paragraph again. That didn’t make sense, Righteous and cursed how could one man, Sam stopped and thought, didn’t Dean tell him about a mark, what was it he had said, something about Cain and not the wrestler but the original Cain. Surely he didn’t mean Cain as in Cain and Abel. Frantically he searched for a picture, a description something to tell him that Dean was not the one in this old text. Not his brother.






  1. What a great beginning. You’ve captured our boys very well. And you gave me the Impala! There hasn’t been near enough Impala lately. Looking forward to more! PS. It’s Dawn!

  2. Ohhhh, this sounds interesting! Love how well you’ve described the disconnection between the brothers and how each one’s actions were – understandably incorrectly – perceived by the other. More, please! LOVE IT!!

    • Thank you!

      • Loved it!!

    • Thank you for your comment! I have put up a couple of chapters with more being worked on. Hope you continue to enjoy!

  3. Wow! What a great start to a story!!

  4. This is a fantastic start, I might not know a thing about Supernatural, but I do know good story telling when I find it!! I’m very excited to read more and maybe even find out a little about the brothers along the way!!!

  5. Brilliant start, loved the look into both their heads. Can’t wait to see where this is going. More please 🙂

  6. Very good! Since I was in-between chapters, I figured I would give it a look over. Your ideas flow, and you don’t have the cardboard cut outs, you have living beings which is a good thing. I only noticed one type (And ask my betas I am awful to catch things, so don’t trust me!) You have in Sam’s POV That Dean made sleep a completion Event. I think you meant Competition.

    Working with a beta and a second set of eyes will help with this. I am VERY proud of you, hitting publish is never easy for any of us, especially that first time. You want to go over it again and again, and even then you hesitate over that publish button. Then you have me, who hands it off to the Betas, and they have those first jitters over hitting the publish after they do their thing. But in awhile, everyone becomes a pro and it will seem like nothing to hit it and wait for the reviews to come in. You will find what helps you write, and what works for you. I am still learning and still will. I look forward to watching you write!!!!

    • thank you! I appreciate the advice. I am always proud of you daughter dear!!!

  7. Ahhh Mamakitty your first chapter all posted and pretty so now I will give you your first “Robin” review. It will probably be the weirdest thing you have ever read. What I do is open a notepad and type what runs thru my head as I read the chapter sometimes I talk with the characters. You will either love it or hate. I always figured if an author was brave enough to put their words out there we should at least leave a review to help inspire them. I have my popcorn and my coke and ready to type . . . So on to chapter one….Then.

    A Supernatural story just love it new and different for me to read. I have loved the show since I first found it. Awesome way to just jump out there into the meat of the story. (note to self we can work on a story summary to add to the title page later or maybe some pictures to add to the story) Ahh Dean on the bed jamming out…I can see that. Dean’s dream . . . the family business. Love it. *Snicker* All things Dean I will deal with All things Dean. DRIVE the impala Dean…just go cruising!! *WAIT FOR ME. I wanna go. Runs after the Impala.* Dean doesn’t need to be alone. Be careful on switching point of views . . . I tend to get distracted and go whoa wait huh? Dean can fill a room up sitting still because he is the man. LOL OUT !! Awesome note Dean. Busy busy research day for Sam. Just what has our Mr. Dean been into all day? HUMMM? Oh a small typo in one paragraph but we know what you are meaning. Don’t sweat the small stuff a beta will catch all that for you. Sammy Sammy you are going to get caught snooping! Cain and Able, Dean what are you doing to me. WHAT no that can’t be the end. Aw man come on. . . I guess. Sniff sniff loved the beginning it was very well written. Loved the descriptions and how you still managed to capture how Sam and Dean are without any conversation as I know from watching the show how sometimes it is just a look or how they just walk by and don’t say what they are thinking but you can see it on their faces. You, Mamakitty, have managed to do that in your writing. Which is a kudos to you. *stands and claps* the cliff hanger you left is just enough to catch a readers eye and go what that is all. Please don’t sweat the small stuff when you get to working with a beta they will help I know there are many times I will look over something a dozen times and not see the mistake until I hit the publish button or send button and I am then like oh crap I just messed up. I look forward to following your story and watching you grow and get more and more chapters published.

    Loved it!!

    Robin (AKA 4Padfoot)

  8. Thank you so very much! I have sent the idea of where I would like the story to head, but you know I have already found out, the characters have a mind all their own. I never realized how true that was until I started writing about Sam. I am really mad at Sam right now but when I wrote him, it came out like that and already took a turn I didn’t really plan. The old text with Mark of Cain and Righteous Man. Funny how things that were “dropped” out of the story line, must have been festering in the Dean girl part of my brain and just popped up. Now I hope it continues to tell me where the hell it is going!!!! LOL I really enjoyed writing, I should have worked from the house last night and gone to bed way earlier than I did, but I just had to get Sam in. sorry to ramble, love your way of reviewing!

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