And the road goes on….

Chapter Two


Dean walked back to the Impala setting up a list of what he needed to do in order to check out the strange story that Jenny, the waitress, had told him. Last time he had come across that kind of sight was when Sammy and he were going on the first hunt since Sam had left his family behind. Dean had been so tired of being alone, his dad had gone on more and more hunts without him. Hmm, wonder if some of those hunts were about Adam. The thought still hurt him, the picture of his dad with Adam at a ballgame. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts from old dark trails, he started going over his list. He headed back to the hotel, parking right outside his door. It was second nature to check for signs his room had been entered or the door tampered with. Seeing everything the way he left it he opened the door. Although he didn’t see anything out of place, he entered the room with gun in hand. Too many surprises over the years made him wary. Times like this reminded of how good it had felt to have a safe place to sleep. Sighing, he headed over to the table grabbing the note pad and pen supplied by the motel to write down his ideas.t

He checked out and headed towards the town where the young man had lived. Along the way he saw police cars sitting on an old covered bridge blocking traffic from crossing. The center of the action was an older car and, if Dean wasn’t mistaken, the windshield was covered in blood. As he passed the bridge he saw the sign saying “Welcome to Jericho!” It was still hard to believe there was a Women in White in Jericho. His first case with Sammy was a Woman in White, but on the other side of the country! Jericho Town Library, had not gone the way of computers so he spent the day tracking down article. He copied each articles as well as the stories out of the book, Local Legends of Jericho, Vermont. Good thing is was spring or it would be next to impossible to get to the town.  Finding a small motel close to the library Dean started setting up the protections and then went out to the car to bring in the duffle and the files he had. Unfortunately he had forgotten he had put the dead cell phone in with the files. It fell to the concrete and shattered. Dean signed, guess it’s time for a new phone. He took all the stuff into the hotel room along with the bits of phone.

It didn’t take long until the walls of the motel were covered with newspaper articles, pictures and twine connecting the stories. Dean really wanted a laptop so he could do more research. Heck, why not, can always use a back-up. Grabbing his keys he headed out to find a pool game or three.

He decided to go over a couple of towns, he didn’t know how long this would take and he didn’t want to worry about running into the marks he hustled. Walking into the bar he felt a sense of calm. This… this  he knew. Here he felt at ease, hours spent learning to play, then the hours learning when to play and when to walk away. The lessons of when to walk away usually ended in pain, that had a way of making a man remember and quickly learn not to repeat the errors in judgment. He walked to the bar and ordered a beer, leaning against the bar he watched the pool tables. After a couple of beers he decided to go with the hustle of a lightweight with not much in the way of brains.  He walked up to table and the hustle was on.

Several hours later he left the bar with enough money for a pretty nice laptop. And best of all no one got hurt. It helped that he won but then started losing at the end, the guys he played pool with felt they were on the upswing and after a couple of games Dean gave up on the game and left with a little attitude and embarrassment. He smiled when he got back to his car. It worked out just right, he actually ended up with more than enough to cover the laptop and no blood was spilled.

The next day he found a laptop but his last phone carrier didn’t have any stores in the area so he went with the closest and changed phone providers but retained his own number. It was great what you could do now with the smart phone. Talking with the store’s tech he learned of a way to turn off the GPS function of the smartphone. Talking a while longer Dean realized he missed the “geek” side that few knew he had. He had built the EMF detector out of a Walkman, but after Sam’s reaction, he had decided to just play his part of the not so smart brother. It made Sam happy.

Later that night Dean watched as the Woman in White disappeared in fire and smoke, the same as it had the first time with Sammy. Big difference, this time his car was sitting outside and not in the middle of the house. Research paid off, he was able to lure her inside and that was that.

Job done, he headed to the motel, grabbed his stuff, and headed out of town. When he reached the crossroads he sat for a while in the night trying to decide what he wanted to do. “Hell with it.” He turned down the road away from the bunker and his brother.






  1. ccgnme

    Love it!!!

  2. Chapter Two – You know Dean had pie for breakfast…*hummm now I am hungry* Dean hunting on his own, something bad is going to happen. You had better not hurt Dean I will have to sic someone on you. Dean wary say it aien’t so. So he is in Jericho hummm is that something I will need to remember for later? Dean can you hustle enough for me to get a new laptop, Kittyinaz wont share! Another one bites the dust!! Dang it you did it again! These little cliffys are getting to me. You are working your chapters well and providing just enough details to keep your readers hooked. Keep it up!


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