And the road goes on….

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

I hurt myself today

To see if I still feel the pain

The only thing that’s real


Days passed and Dean found hunt after hunt: a ghost of a murdered bride, a poltergeists, a shtriga, and more ghosts. He had a pattern he followed, find a hunt, locate the town, and buy local papers, find a motel, put in place all the sigils and salt. Then he’d go out to the bars, buy a beer and listen to the life going on all around him. He eased into conversations, he’d buy a round and became one of the good ole boys. He researched his hunt and then researched anything related to the mark of Cain. His washed Baby: checking her over and taking care of all things Impala. He practiced with the weapons in the Impala.  He never answered his phone.

What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know goes away

In the end


He found a diner and decided to have breakfast before he hit the road to the next town, the next state, the next hunt. He sat down, grabbing a newspaper left on the table next to him. He smiled at the waitress, ordered coffee and pancakes. Sipping his coffee he read the paper, he frowned as he read of another senator changing his affiliations. Quite a stir in the political circles.  He turned the page and read a little article regarding the anniversary of the disappearing house. Something about the story caught his attention. He decided he might take a side trip and see where this disappearing house once stood. He stepped outside the diner and found Castiel leaning against the Impala.


“How’d you find me, Cas?”  He leaned over putting the key into the lock and opening the door.


“I followed your trail of hunts. You have been very busy,” he stood up straight watching Dean as he opened the door.


“Things to do, places to be. What do you want Cas?” Dean asked meeting Cas’ eyes.


Castiel looked at his friend, he saw the darkness in his eyes, the weight on his soul, and he saw how lean he had become. “I worry about you hunting alone.”


“No need, been at this a while, it’s all good.” Dean told with a careless shrug of his shoulders. “Been nice talking to you Cas, but I need to get on the road.”


“Wait, Dean,” Cas reached out for Dean’s arm, stopping him from getting into the car.


“Cas I don’t have time for this. What do you want?” Dean pulled his arm out of Cas’ hold and folded his arms across his chest, waiting for an answer.


“Dean, Sam wants you to go back to The Bunker” Cas started when Dean cut him off.


“Not happening, anything else?” Dean growled at Cas.


Cas tilted his head looking at Dean, “Something has changed.” He stated as he saw the pain behind the anger in Dean.


“Nothing, angel boy, have people to meet and monsters to kill.” Dean smirked.


“Dean, let me come along, you shouldn’t hunt on your own.” Cas pleaded with the angry man.


Dean got into the car, closing the door. He rolled down the window, “No.” He started the car and left Cas standing alone in the parking lot.


Dean was cleaning himself up after a hunt that had gotten a little out of hand, if you can call getting his ass handed to him by the ghost of a mad scientist a little out of hand. Who knew that it could still access the electric circuits and inflict the resulting shock on Dean? Shrugging, he continue cleaning up. New plan, tomorrow that crazy Einstein was going down!


Dean arched backwards as he was hit once again by the electrical charge. Falling to the ground, he lay still. Panting he struggled to reach the shotgun to send the ghost away. His fingers touched the stock of the shotgun as he heard the crackling sound of electricity. Pushing forward, he grabbed the shotgun and rolled over on his back shooting the apparition. He had to move quickly and find what was holding the crazy Giovanni here.  Struggling up he continued his search. After two more shots to ward off the reappearing apparition; he found a rod and a desiccated frog leg. “Seriously?” Dean said as he watched Mr. Ed Water’s ghost dissipate as the frog leg burned. “That was a really disturbing.”


He looked around and the area, bent to pick up the pistol and lighter he had dropped earlier. He had started carrying his own backup of the smaller items. Tired and dirty he headed up the stairs and out into the still night. Looking around, he sighed. He walked toward the Impala, when he froze, seeing a figure beside the car. He pulled his angel knife and pistol before continuing his path to the car.


“Hey brother, I heard you needed someone to watch your back.” Benny grinned at the shocked expression on his friend’s face.

Dean stood still looking at Benny. “Benny? How, I mean, wow, how did you get, you know, here?

“Cas found me, he told me you were out in the big bad hunting world without anyone to watch your back,” Benny smiled at Dean, “He asked if I wanted the job. And, well, here I am.” Benny held his arms out to the side. “And I think Cas was right, you like shit, brother.”

images (3)

Benny walked to Dean and gave him a hug, holding the shocked man until he was pushed away.

“No way, man, you not Benny, the only way out of Purgatory for you was hitching a ride on a human.” Dean pulled the gun up and held it on the man in front of him. “I don’t know what you are but you are not Benny.”

Benny held a hand up, “Brother, I understand. Cas brought a human with him and we all came out, Cas in one arm and me in the other. He knew where the bones were buried and here I am.”

Dean stood looking at him, and lowered his gun. “It is really you?”

“Yep, bad teeth and all.” Benny answered him, “Got any blood around here? I sure could use a drink.”




If I could start again

A million miles away

I would keep myself

I would find a way


*an actual person who experimented with electrical currents on corpses.

Song: Hurt performed by Johnny Cash




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  1. Chapter Four – Dean hunting and hunting a man on a mission. What the mission is NO ONE will tell me! Disappearing house…wait that is jogging the memory. CAS is here !!!! Hey Cas where have you been. Whatcha been up to? Are you okay? NO Dean not angry man you are supposed to be a man with a destiny. Listen to Cas! LMAO a frog leg…BENNY!!!!!!!!!!!! Benny and Cas in one chapter!!! You are too good to me. NO NO NO NO…..Mamakitty you are killing me. All this goodness and I am stuck out here on this cliff going. What’s next cause those pretty little buttons you got there don’t go anywhere new!! So get to writing cause I am a waiting!! Loved it.


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